Hey y’all, and thanks for stopping by our website. Our names are Doug and Stacy and we live the pioneer lifestyle in the 21st century in an 1800s style log home we built ourselves. We have been living off grid and homesteading with no public utilities for the past decade where we preserve the old ways and get closer to our food. Our passion is to blend “old ways” with a modern twist so people like you can be more self-reliant, live an intentional life, and be a healthier you.

Over ten years ago, we were like most of you – stressed out, eating toxic food, living in debt, and being sick all the time. So what did we do……..we sold everything and bought 11 acres with cash so we could grow our own food and be healthier. Now we are sharing all the tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way to save you from some bumps and bruises.

By joining our posse ya’ll get tips on::

  • living off grid
  • raising farm animals
  • homesteading
  • rainwater catchment
  • raised bed gardening
  • cooking from scratch on a wood cookstove
  • herbal remedies
  • DIY projects
  • composting toilet
  • foraging
  • good old healthy living
  • woodlot: firewood processing & sawmill


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